The History of Redemption Series Book Seven –

The Ten Commandments

The Eternal Covenant For All Generations
The Ten Commandments in Light of God’s Administration in the History of Redemption

“I believe this book will awaken Christians to the authority of God’s Word and offer deep insight into the core of God’s message throughout the Bible. Considering the history of Christianity in Korea, especially periods of great spiritual blessing, it wouldn’t be too much to hope that attention to this volume, preferably the whole series, might be used to bring a new period of spiritual understanding and spiritual blessing. More Christians need to read books like this one. I hope this volume touches off a new wave of interest in the Bible and illuminates the path for God’s people everywhere..”

~Dr. Luder G. Whitlock, Associate Professor of Missions and Evangelism Emeritus, Former President of Reformed Theological Seminary. Executive director for the publication of the New Geneva Study Bible.

Book 7 of the History of Redemption Series


The seventh book of the History of Redemption Series presents a systematic chronology of Moses’ eight ascents to Mount Sinai. The Israelites had just come out of Egypt, and God spoke the Ten Commandments to them while making the Sinaitic covenant, to make them His covenant people. Moses interceded in the covenant-making by selflessly climbing Mount Sinai eight times. Following each ascent in its precise order, we find ourselves in awe before the spiritual Mount Sinai, where God’s providence in the history of redemption for all humanity unfolds.

  • The Ten Commandments: The Eternal Covenant for All Generations

    Today, although the Ten Commandments are well-known throughout the world, it is treated too lightly in the Christian community, more often viewed as a Sunday school lesson than the pathway to Christ. This book helps the reader to deeply understand the Ten Commandments from the perspective of our redemption through Jesus Christ.

  • The Ten Commandments Enlightened by Jesus Christ

    God’s laws transcend our physical actions and reach into the invisible realm of human hearts and motives. They thus have the power to transform human minds and hearts. This is how Jesus expounded on the Ten Commandments and laws. He retranslated the Ten Commandments according to God’s original purpose of why He gave them to us. Jesus’ teaching leads us to see God’s infinite love, to bless us with moral perfection through the Ten Commandments.

Points you must not overlook

  • Moses’ Eight Ascents on Mount Sinai systematically organized and presented first time in history
  • Exposition of the Ten Commandments and Connection to Jesus Christ



“The entire process of how God ratified the Sinaitic covenant with His people through Moses has been carefully illustrated into a colorful chronological chart, so that anybody who reads this book from the layperson to the theologian will be blessed and gain great insights into this topic.”

Dr. Waltke is professor emeritus of Regent College in Vancouver, BC, Canada and distinguished professor emeritus of Knox Theological Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is the award-winning author of Genesis: A Commentary and An Old Testament Theology, as well as an authoritative two-volume commentary on Proverbs. Dr. Waltke also was involved in the New American Standard and New International Version translations of the Bible. He received his Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from Harvard University.



“Readers will be enlightened through this book as it clearly shows how the Ten Commandments testify to Jesus Christ and His ministry of redemption.”

Dr. Whitlock is recognized as one of the top five most influential seminary presidents in the latter half of the 20th century, and he served as the executive director for the publication of the New Geneva Study Bible. He received his D.Min. from Vanderbilt University.

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