Book 7 – The Ten Commandments: The Eternal Covenant for All Generations

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“The Holy Spirit graciously used the renowned late Reverend Abraham Park, D. Min., D.D., to give His Church a treasure on this important but misunderstood aspect of the Bible, connecting the Ten Commandments to Jesus Christ, who is the Word Himself (John 1:1-14) and the fulfiller of the law… To my knowledge, Moses’ eight ascents to and descents from Mount Sinai have been systematically organized, illustrated, and presented in this book for the first time.

Furthermore, the entire process of how God ratified the Sinaitic Covenant with His people through Moses has been carefully illustrated in a colorful chronological chart so that anybody who reads this book, from the layperson to the theologian, will be blessed and gain great insights into this topic.” ~ Dr. Bruce K. Waltke

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