Rev. Abraham Park (1928-2014) had dedicated his entire life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. His life was centred on the twin pillars of Christian faith: the Word of God and prayer. He has read the Bible from cover to cover – more tha 1,800 times. Throughout his life, this pastor-theologian spent over five hours reading the Bible and over three hours praying each day. In 2007, Rev. Park celebrated the 50th Jubilee Anniversary of his ministry.

Born May 17, 1928 in Sariwon, Hwanghae Province, Korea

  • B.A. in Corporate Management from Kookmin University
  • B.A in Biblical Studies from the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological University
  • M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary, Korea
  • Honorary D.Min. from Lael College and Graduate School
  • Honorary Th.D. from Faith Theological Seminary, USA
  • Honorary Ph.D. from Reformed Theological Seminary, Korea
  • Honorary Ph.D. from Trinity Theological College & Seminary
  • Former moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea (Hap-dong Conservative)

More About the Author
Rev. Abraham Park began his ministry in Dongmasan church in 1958 after his discharge from military as a wounded veteran from gunshot wounds inflicted during the Ko-rean War.

With conviction that “to die is to live,” he prayed for 47 days on Mt. Jang-an, and 3 years, 6 months, and 7 days on Mt. Jiri!

When the sun set, he did nothing bu tpray; when the sun rose, he did nothing but read the Bible. Then, finally, a single ray of grace shone upon him! through the powerful illumination of the Holy Spirit and by the grace of God, the scenes in the Bible unfolded like a panorama before his eyes.

These scenes were written down on large arrowroot leaves which were bound with a twig. They were later transcribed onto paper bought from a village under the mountain every few months. This is how The History of Redemption series began.

Ten books in The History of Redemption series have been published since 2007, with the remaining two books in the series awaiting publication.

Rev. Park was highly commended by the religious community in Korea as a “true pastor who was committed to the inerrancy of the Bible and conservative theology.” On December 17, 2014, he passed on from this world and returned to the bosom of God.

The History of Redemption Series

The History of Redemption Book Series is a series of books written

with the central theme, “God’s Administration in the History of Redemption”,

expounding on the details of God’s covenants from the first Messianic covenant

and the different covenants given in redemptive history to their fulfillment 

through Jesus Christ and the cross.

This book series brings out and explains in laymen’s terms the important factors that build up to the climax of redemptive plot in the Bible, including the prophecies and the path of His coming portrayed through genealogies, events, people, names, the tabernacle, and more.

The series is a culmination of half a century of careful research and prayer by late Rev. Abraham Park, a pastor highly honored for his life‐long dedicated ministry and in‐depth conservative teachings of the Bible in the Church of Korea. The series has received international acclaim from renowned scholars and theologians, for its extraordinary depth and clarity in discovering God’s divine administration in redemptive history.

Based on thorough biblical studies, the series proves for the first time in the history that the genealogy of Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew omits many generations, that the construction period of Noah’s ark is not 120 years as commonly known but in fact only 70 ‐80 years, that Adam, the progenitor of the human race, was contemporary with Lamech, Adam’s 9th descendent and father of Noah, for 56 years and that Noah was contemporary with Abraham for 58 years.

The domestic and foreign academia combined, the History of Redemption series is evaluated as the culmination of biblical study. The decision by the Knox Theological Seminary to award a honorary doctorate to the author, for example, puts weight on this perspective.

It is receiving warm support also from the readers because of its literary style that is easy to read despite its profound content, because of which Suk Tae Kim, the president of the Reformed Theological Seminary, describes the author as an “excellent storyteller.”


Originally authored in Korean language, the series has also been translated to various languages worldwide, including English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian Tamil, Thai, Cambodian Khmer, Sri Lanka Sinhala, Nepalese and Burmese. The first five volumes already available in English are, The Genesis Genealogies, The Covenant of the Torch, The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant, God’s Profound and Mysterious Providence, and The Promise of the Eternal Covenant.

book 1 cover

Vol. 1 The Genesis Genealogies
The years of a person or event are
the key to interpreting God’s
history of redemption

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book 2 cover

Vol. 2 The Covenant of the Torch
To fulfill the ultimate promise that
they will return in the fourth

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book 3 cover

Vol. 3 The Unquenchable Lamp of
the Covenant
The mysteries found in the first
fourteen generations of the
genealogy of Jesus Christ

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book 4 cover

Vol. 4 God’s Profound and
Mysterious Providence
As revealed in the genealogy of
Jesus Christ from the time of David
to the exile in Babylon

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book 5 cover

Vol. 5 The Promise of the Eternal
God’s profound providence as
revealed in the genealogy of Jesus
Christ (the postexilic period)

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“We become enthralled with God in this presentation as we are shown the power and love of God in fulfilling His ancient covenant promises to make a people for Himself and to restore His creation through the Messiah. Rev. Park is to be commended for pointing us first and foremost to ‘the One who is, the One who was, and the One who is coming’ (Rev 1:8).”

Dr. Stephen Hague, Academic Dean of Faith Theological Seminary

Dr Douglas

“The Lord has granted Dr. Park great insight into His Word, after a lifetime of reading and consecration to Him. He sees beneath the surface; tie many truths together, and have—I believe—perceived the mind of the Lord, who inspired the Word. His writings will be instructive and edifying the generations to come. Praise His name for him.”

Dr. Douglas F. Kelly, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

Hora Ministries

“By focusing on the faith and failures of Israel’s kings, Dr. Park leads us to Jesus the Messiah so that we may know Him and be known by Him. . . . Indeed, our Lord has given this servant to the Church as a gifted pastor and teacher in order to bring us together in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ (Eph 4:11-13).”

Dr. Robert C. Stallman, Professor of Bible and Hebrew, Northwest University