Sri Lanka Seminar 2017

The Genesis Genealogies and The Covenant of the Torch

May 19 Fri, 10am-4pm at Lanka Bible College, Kandy
May 20 Sat, 9am-1pm at Calvary Assembly of God Church, Negombo

May 19, 2017 - May 20, 2017

The Genesis Genealogies of the History of Redemption Series

Genesis Chapter 5:1 says…
This is the book of the genealogy of Adam. In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. (Gen 5:1 NKJ)

There is only one chapter, and the ten generations are only spoken in twenty-four verses, why does Genesis 5:1 call it a “book”?

God said to Adam, if you ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil you will surely die. Did Adam die after eating the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Why didn’t he die? He lived a pretty long life of 930 years, why?

Find out more about The Genesis Genealogies.

Find out more about The Covenant of the Torch.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

Dr.  Philip Lee is currently serving as a Professor of Old Testament at Faith Theological Seminary in Maryland, USA. Dr. Lee is a world renowned speaker and a revivalist who has preached in various countries throughout the world. The blessing of a theologian’s mind complemented by the heart of a pastor is the driving force behind Dr. Lee’s zeal in bringing the message of redemptive history to Christians of all nations.

  • B.A., Business Administration, Seoul National University
  • M.Div., Chong-shin Theological Seminary
  • D.Min., Lael College & Graduate School
  • Th.D., Faith Theological Seminary, USA
  • Professor, Faith Theological Seminary, USA

Translator: Rev. Dr. Samuel Kim

Rev. Samuel Kim is currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Zion Church in Singapore, and lectures on the History of Redemption Book Series across the Asia Pacific. A pastor deeply-rooted in the Word of the Bible and a fervent preacher of God’s redemptive message, Rev. Kim is also a member of the English translation team for Rev. Dr. Abraham Park’s History of Redemption Book Series.

  • B.A., Religious Studies, Westmont College, USA
  • M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary, Korea
  • D.Min., Knox Theological Seminary, USA