Special Lecture on History of Redemption Book Series

Genealogy of Jesus

Speaker: Missionary Jasmine Jung
Nov 21, Tue, 8-10:30pm.
Pentecost Methodist Church, 4 Pasir Ris Drive 6, Singapore 519420

November 21, 2017
Welcome all believers of Jesus Christ

Special Lecture based on the bestselling History of Redemption Book Series by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park

The History of Redemption Series unravels the mysteries hidden in the names, lives, and years of the biblical genealogies. The mysteries of the Bible are being revealed and organized for the first time ever by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park, the Author of the History of Redemption Series. Studying from this series will aid you in deepening your understanding and appreciation of Jesus Christ’s redeeming work.

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Based on Book Three of the History of Redemption Series –
The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant

This book examines in detail the first fourteen generations of the genealogy of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew (Matt 1:1‐17), revealing how God was at work in redemptive history to guide it toward its fulfillment. It provides explanation about the omitted generations in this genealogy and its significance to our life of faith.

Other key stories of the book include: 

The life and circumstances of the 12 judges of Israel, the dramatic story of David’s flight from King Saul and his ascension to the royal throne. And for the first time ever in the history of biblical research, King David’s sites of refuge systematically charted and presented in a map.

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The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant
The Author Rev. Dr. Abraham Park