HORA lectures at Hinghwa Methodist Church

An unveiling of God's redemptive work through the Genesis genealogies and the life of Abraham

August 16, 2019 - August 17, 2019
16 Aug | Friday Evening 7:30pm | Level 4

Inheritors of the image of God

Introduction to the history of redemption in the Bible and how genealogies play role in our understanding of God’s redemptive work. Genesis chapter 5 is a genealogy of 10 generations from Adam to Noah, including great mysteries and truth of God’s saving works. (Gen 5:1-5)

17 Aug | Saturday Sermon time 5:00pm | Level 2

Abraham’s life of separation

(Gen 12:1-4)

Abraham is the father of faith and the first generation in Jesus’ genealogy (Matt 1). His life becomes an example of our journey of faith and a type of Jesus Christ. This study will take us through Abraham’s calling, obedience, and separations through which God made him the father of faith.

17 Aug | Saturday Evening 7:30pm | Level 4

Eschatology of the Genesis genealogies (Gen 6:13-14)

Noah’s genealogies


Dr Andrew Pak is currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Evergreen Presbyterian Church in New York, and lectures on the History of Redemption Book Series in the United States and in United Kingdom. Dr Pak was formerly the Director of the English translation team for Rev. Dr. Abraham Park’s History of Redemption Book Series. He is also lecturing History of Redemption in Tung Ling Bible School.