The Mysteries of the High Priest & Jesus Christ

Based on Book 6 of the History of Redemption Series

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2:00pm - 5:30pm, Thursday
星期四,10月3日, 下午2-5:30

October 03, 2019
All saints and believers of God
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The bestselling History of Redemption Book Series by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park

The History of Redemption Series unravels the mysteries hidden in the names, lives, and years of the biblical genealogies. The mysteries of the Bible are being revealed and organized for the first time ever by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park, the Author of the History of Redemption Series. Studying from this series will aid you in deepening your understanding and appreciation of Jesus Christ’s redeeming work.

Find out more about the Author and the History of Redemption Series

Book 6 of the History of Redemption Book Series

The Eternal High Priest of the Covenantal Oath 

– Genealogy of the High Priest as seen in the Redemptive History of God

This book examines in detail from Aaron until the destruction of Jerusalem, the organization of the 77 generations of High Priests and the meaning of their names according to the Hebrew language.

It provides explanation about the garments and the duty of the High Priest that depicts Jesus Christ and its significance to our life of faith.


Systematically organized and presented for the first time in history:

77 Generations of High Priests, Garments of the High Priest and 24-division system of priests for ministering in the temple.

Other key stories of the book include:

Structurally organized “24-divisions: the perfect system for the service in the temple”, illustrated charts “the High Priest garments”, “High Priest and the transition of world history” and “genealogy of the tribe of Levi and High Priest”

This Conference is specially designed to help pastors, leaders, and earnest believers understand how they can benefit from new materials founded from the Bible as it is.

The seminar is conducted in English, and Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesian translations will be available upon request.


The History of Redemption Book Series


The Author,
Rev. Abraham Park, D. Min., D.D.

Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

Dr.  Philip Lee is currently serving as a Professor of Old Testament at Faith Theological Seminary in Maryland, USA. Dr. Lee is a world renowned speaker and a revivalist who has preached in various countries throughout the world. The blessing of a theologian’s mind complemented by the heart of a pastor is the driving force behind Dr. Lee’s zeal in bringing the message of redemptive history to Christians of all nations.

  • B.A., Business Administration, Seoul National University
  • M.Div., Chong-shin Theological Seminary
  • D.Min., Lael College & Graduate School
  • Th.D., Faith Theological Seminary, USA
  • Professor, Faith Theological Seminary, USA

About History of Redemption Seminars and Workshops
More than 1,000 History of Redemption series seminars and workshops were held in over 200 cities across 45 different countries (among which were the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Canada, Nepal, and Thailand). Even today, seminars are being requested and held in great success. Through these seminars, even many non-Christians have experienced a change of heart and are continuing to study the Bible.

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