Seminar Jan 2023


HORA Seminar 7-8 January 2023 Schedule: Watch live on here English Seminar Online 中文 Zoom Meeting ID 会议室编号: 216 351 9102 Passcode 密码: 7707 Zoom 中文翻译室 Terjemahan bahasa indonesia zoom Meeting ID: 994 573 3638 Password: 070707 Terjemahan bahasa Indonesia zoom fusion_global="1589"]

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Seminar June 2022


17-18 June 2022 | Friday - Saturday | 2:00pm -  5:00pm 💼 Download Lecture Notes: English Chinese 中文 Join the seminar on site. Based on Book 11b of the History of Redemption Series by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park. Come and be blessed! Register

Seminar June 20222022-06-16T23:57:24+08:00

Seminar Sep2021


18 Sep 2021 | Saturday | 2:00pm -  4:30pm 💼 Your Seminar Kit: ⓵ Download lecture notes: English Chinese 中文 Bahasa Indonesia Burmese မြန်မာ Khmer ខ្មែរ Korean 한국어 Lao ລາວ Nepali नेपाली Sinhala සිංහල Tamil தமிழ் Thai ไทย Urdu اردو Vietnamese Tiếng Việt ⓶ Download virtual background: ⬇Direct download ⓷ Download latest zoom 5.7 version: Download zoom app Join the seminar. Rejoicing at the launch of the English Book 6 of the History of Redemption Series by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park, HORA ministries organizes this Zoom [...]

Seminar Sep20212021-10-02T14:34:17+08:00

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