History of Redemption Seminars 2018

2018 International Ministers Workshop (12 – 14 April, Bintan Island)

Behold, upon Bintan island came the glory of the Lord, as the light of the Word of the redemptive history dwelt among 13 nations of 200 ministers and bond servants of God.

3rd Annual International Minister’s Workshop 2018
@ Zion Church Singapore and Bintan Lagoon Resort Indonesia

Opening Service
28 March, Wednesday
730pm Opening Service at Zion Church Singapore, 9 Tagore Lane

This is the third annual International Minister’s Workshop organized by HORA Ministries. Over 180 participants streamed in from 15 different countries. Most of the participants are pastors who were strongly encouraged to attend by word of mouth from previous years’ attendees who highly recommended it. Many of this year’s attendees has also attended seminars on the History of Redemption Series held in their home countries. These combination of factors drove them to come to Singapore in great numbers to gain an even deeper understanding of the Word.

Pastors and Christian leaders arrived throughout the day and were picked up by HORA Ministry’s volunteers at Changi International Airport. Attendees arrived at Zion Church Singapore for the grand opening worship service at 730pm. Over 15 different nationalities were present. The opening service conducted in English by Reverend Dr. Samuel Kim was translated into 6 languages: Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Burmese, Thai, Nepalese and Cambodian Khmer. The interesting and in-depth topic was on the correct understanding of how the precious blood of Jesus Christ saves our sins. It was an illuminative lecture delving across both the Old Testament and New Testament of the scriptures.

Day 1
29 March, Thursday
Bintan Lagoon Resort

Attendees arrived at the official conference venue before noon after a relaxing and enjoyable ferry ride from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Reverend Dr Philip Lee, the Senior Pastor of Pyung Kang Cheil Church and President of Redemptive Centre shared material from Book 10 of the History of Redemption Series through a series of 4 lectures.

Day 2
30 March, Friday
Bintan Lagoon Resort

The highlight of the day after several in-depth biblical lectures led by Reverend Dr Philip Lee, Reverend Dr Andrew Pak and Missionary Jabez Park, was the bonfire event where several moving and heartfelt testimonials were shared by pastors and Christian evangelists from many South East Asia countries.
Day 3
1 April, Saturday
Bintan Lagoon Resort

Elder Aaron from Riverlife Church Singapore shared a heartfelt testimony on the impact the History of Redemption Series books had made on his life and how the goal of all the attendees should not only be readers but future teachers of the excellent biblical materials revealed.

On the last day, participants traveled back to Singapore from Bintan island, where many attendees headed straight for Changi International Airport to catch their departing flight back to their home countries in preparation to lead the Lord’s Day services in their respective churches the next day.

The 3rd International Minister’s Workshop carves a new and bright path to spread God’s Word in greater depth and accuracy through the aid of the History of Redemption Series books throughout South East Asia countries and throughout the world.

After the conference, attendees gave testimonies declaring their hope and mission to proclaim and share the biblical material to their home towns, filled with a renew zeal to delve deeper into the biblical for personal growth while spreading God’s Word in each of their personal missions. Indeed, it is a scene of the fulfillment of the scriptures in Isaiah 11:9. “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD As the waters cover the sea.” (Isa 11:9 NKJ).~AMEN


12 April (Thursday) Day 1 | Lecture 1 | Introduction

Introduction to the History of Redemption and Biblical Genealogies

by Rev. Dr. Samuel Kim

IMW 2018 Lecture 2

12 April (Thursday) Day 1 | Lecture 2 | Book 10

Abraham’s Lifetime Journey

by Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

IMW 2018 Lecture 3

12 April (Thursday) Day 1 | Lecture 3 | Book 10

The Seven Abrahamic Covenants

by Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

IMW 2018 Lecture 4

13 April (Friday): Day 2 | Lecture 4 | Book 10

The Ten Bestowals

by Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

IMW 2018 Lecture 5

13 April (Friday): Day 2 | Lecture 5 | Book 10

The Ten Commands

by Rev. Dr. Philip Lee

IMW 2018 Lecture 6

13 April (Friday): Day 2 | Lecture 6 | Book 2

Redemptive Administration of the Covenant of the Torch

by Missionary Jabez Park

IMW 2018 Lecture 7

13 April (Friday): Day 2 | Lecture 7 | Book 3

Redemptive Significance of the Omissions of the 1st Period of Jesus’ Genealogy

by Rev. Dr. Andrew Pak

IMW 2018 Lecture 8

14 April (Saturday): Day 3 | Lecture 8 | Book 4

Biblically Calculating the Construction Period of Solomon’s Temple

by Missionary Jabez Park

IMW 2018 Lecture 9

14 April (Saturday): Day 3 | Lecture 9 | Book 5

Redemptive Significance of the Omissions in the 3rd Period of Jesus’ Genealogy

by Rev. Dr. Andrew Pak

Special feature of “The Consummation of the Kingdom of God: The Ten Bestowals and Ten Commands” from the Tenth Book of the
History of Redemption Series, by Rev. Dr. Abraham Park, D.Min., D.D